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Harman Kardon Integrated Sound System

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With over 200,000 unique standing desk combinations you’re only limited by your creativity.

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Immerse Yourself. Reward Yourself.

Your Life in Sync

When technology and life collide, there's always a story to be told. Evodesk was the first company to deliver a standing desk you can be proud of, and at a price that can’t be matched. Much more than just another standing desk, Evodesk holds the key to increased movement and better health. The secret to unlocking, capturing and creating a healthy lifestyle with ease.

Look inside homes and offices all around the world and you’ll see a quiet revolution taking place. More people are standing up, and embracing the natural movement our bodies require. Learn more about how Evodesk can put your life in sync with just the push of a button.

adjustable height evodesk standing desk controller

Priced to Impress.

More Features.
Less Money.

Evodesk didn’t invent the standing desk, but we did reinvent it. Evodesk was designed to provide the most feature-packed, customizable desk in its class, and at an attractive price. Other standing desks may work, but they fail to inspire or deliver on the finer details. Evodesk was engineered from the ground up to provide extreme value. Engineers were tasked with cutting out plastic laminate, and other low-grade materials without raising the price. You’ll find professional-grade workstations crafted using sustainable materials like 100% recycled wood, rubberwood, and bamboo. Evodesk wasn’t the first company to deliver a standing desk, but it was the first to deliver a quality product at an insanely great value.

standing desk benefits

Digital World.
Digital Desk.

Think about your typical day for a moment. How many hours do you spend sitting at your desk? Our desk has become the center of our digital world. People have stopped moving. And started sitting more than ever before. Researchers have linked sitting to over a dozen scary medical conditions. But there’s good news. Researchers found that standing for a few hours each day over the course of a year has massive benefits. Recent studies reveal a benefit greater than running 10 marathons. The list of benefits is long. Reduced risk of heart attack, back pain, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and more. What are you waiting for?

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"Loving my new @evodesk so glad I chose the ergo edge and the cable tray for that clean look "

"@JoeKaiserSports @cfrelund Bought a stand/sit desk from @evodesk and it changed my world. Changed.My.World."

"Amazing details ! Great product and customer service ! Highly recommend @evodesk #evodesk thanks ! #happy #geek "

"I am standing up for my work these days, thanks to @evodesk"

"Loving my new @evodesk!!"

frame design

One Frame. Highly Expandable. Future Proof.

One Size Does Fit All

All power standing desks move up and down, but only Evodesk moves laterally to accommodate a different-sized desktop. If your needs change and you are ready to upgrade to a bigger standing desk. Simply expand the frame and swap for a 48", 60", 72", or 90" desktop. Plus the double steel wall tubing means your frame can handle the weight even at its maximum extension. Finally, a desk that evolves with you.

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evodesk recycled desktop

No Corners Cut. No Plastic Laminate.

Premium materials.
Amazing value.

Sometimes what you put in is just as important as what you leave out. Plastic laminate is typical on low cost furniture. But those who spend massive time at their desk often want more. Your desktop is the most visible part of your desk. Take a close look at Evodesk and you’ll find no plastic laminate. You’ll find no plastic edge banding that can loosen and peel over time. You’ll find no uncomfortable sharp edges. We always start with the real material of your choice: recycled wood composite, Rubberwood or Bamboo. We then CNC machine each desktop to give it a smooth contoured edge so you can rest your forearms and wrists comfortably during long hours of work or play.

Fingerprint and smudge resistant, each desktop is made for the real world. All natural Rubberwood and Bamboo desktops feature a solid sustainable desktop that’s finished with a 100% solid, ultraviolet light cured finish. The Renew desktop is fully encapsulated in a coating that’s four times more abrasion resistant than plastic laminate. The 100% solid, ultraviolet cured finish creates a smudge-resistant coating that brings out the natural beauty of the bamboo and rubberwood.

Evodesk Bamboo Desktops

Sustainable Materials Reborn.

Resilient. Reimagined. Revolutionary.

The desktop material is perhaps the most important decision you’ll make when choosing your new desk. It’s the part of your desk that you’re closest to so plastic doesn’t cut it. Genuine, natural materials add warmth and beauty to any space. Evodesk has a rare standard in the furniture industry. All desktops must be real and not plastic versions of something made by Mother Nature. But we take it a step further. Our “do no harm” philosophy means that all desktops must also be made from sustainable, planet-friendly materials. Rubberwood, Bamboo, and 100% Recycled Wood Composite are among the smart choices available.

Our diverse selection of desktops help you create a one of a kind standing desk that seamlessly integrates your lifestyle and space with today’s technology. It’s the perfect fusion of visual design, functional engineering and craftsmanship. To truly understand the inherent beauty of our desktops, we encourage you to “design your own” using our award-winning Design Configurator.

More Choices. More Options. More Fun.

Tons of Brilliant Options

Add one or all to make Evodesk uniquely you. The choice is yours. The most popular option is the Ergo keyboard platform. Customized to match your Evodesk perfectly, the Ergo platform is designed for the perfect human body position during standing and sitting. And with its sliding platform, simply push and store under Evodesk when not in use.

The newest addition is our EvoEdge™ desktop. The ergonomist approved design brings you even closer to your work. The unique shape and edge profile means you’ll reach 22 percent more of your desktop.

If you’re into great sounding music, you don’t want to miss the Harman Kardon integrated sound system. The stunning minimalist design features a down-firing powered subwoofer is installed underneath Evodesk. With everything out of the way and off the floor, the 2.1-channel system rocks a down-firing powered subwoofer, eight full-range transducers, and 40 watts of clean power. Learn more about the many Evodesk options here.

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hardman kardon integrated sound system

Express Yourself. It’s Now Personal.

You Customize It. We build it.

evodesk frame system

Evolution Frame System

All power adjustable desks move up and down. Only the Evodesk smart frame expands laterally. Its future-proof telescopic design evolves with you. Supports any desktop 48 to 90 inches long.

evodesk frame system

Choose Your Desktop

Smooth contoured edges and the Renew™ finish create a desktop unlike anything you've seen before. Choose your size, shape, and finish to make your Evodesk perfect for your office or space.

evodesk frame system

Accessorize & Personalize

Choose one or all of the innovative options to make Evodesk even better. From the functional ergonomics to the brilliant sound of the Harman Kardon sound system, the choice is yours.

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