Introducing: The Evodesk Studio L™

If you hear trumpets blaring, and a beam of light has fallen across your computer screen, then you are beholding the beauty of the Evodesk Studio L standing desk. That or you live near a football field and they are working on their Friday-night lights.

To walk you through all of the Studio L standing desk features and benefits, here is the captain. So pull up a chair or stand (that’s kind of what we’re about) and see why Evodesk took something great and made it soar.

1. A cockpit: Thank you for flying with us today ladies and gentlemen. Now if you look out your windows you’ll see 72 inches of desk space that is designed with this innovative pocket that allows you to get closer to all of that beautiful surface area; You’ll be able to reach 22% more of your desktop space more easily so you are sure to encounter less strain or turbulence when you are adjusting your monitor or just reaching for your in-flight snacks. Now lefties don’t you worry because when you are ordering your own Evodesk Studio L standing desk, the nice folks over at Evodesk are happy to tailor it with left or right variations.

2. Flying high: Right now we are cruising at an altitude of 1,257.3 millimeters or 49.5 inches for a convenient standing height. There are over 250 different height positions before we reach a landing or minimum height of 23.75 inches, so you are sure to find the right position to keep you comfortable during the flight. Once you find your ideal position, it is easy to set it with the optional programmable memory controller or to find it again with a push of the standard two-button controller.

3. Smooth take off: We all like to get up, stretch our legs and move about the cabin, so when you are ready for a change, know that your Studio L standing desk is ready to get you there. With a cruising speed of 1.5 inches per second, this standing desk is the ideal combination of fast and smooth so you get to your destination without clunky turbulence.

4. Better than a complementary pillow: We may not have blankets or eye masks for this flight, but we do have the Ergo Edge(tm) which comes standard on this deskcraft model. Designed for maximum comfort and ergonomics, the angled palm rest provides wrist support to reduce wrist pronation and discomfort. When your wrists and forearms are in a relaxed position, you are relaxed. It took a year of advanced computer modeling and scientific research to find the optimal shape for optimal human positioning, so take off your shoes, relax and enjoy it.

5. Upgrade to first class: Now in addition to our complementary snacks and services today, our flight attendants we be offering upgrades which you are more than welcome to add to your experience. Monitor arms, keyboard attachments, a sound system, CPU mount systems, different desktop colors or frame finishes are just a handful of the ways you can truly customize your standing desk. We even have a treadmill! With all of our options, here at Evodesk the sky’s the limit.

Thank you for coming aboard the Evodesk blog today. We hope you enjoyed your trip learning about the aircraft carrier of standing desks, the Evodesk Studio L. We would love for you to fly with us again.


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