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Premium Power Electric Desks

Visionary Innovation + Quality.

Engineered + 95% Made in US.

Unique Style + Dozens of Options.

Luxury & Ultra-Premium Power Electric Desks

Exclusive + Uncomprimising Quality.

Hand-Crafted in Austin, TX.

Modern, Vintage Industrial + Custom.

Always Reliable Yet Affordable for All

Designed for Extreme Value.

Dual Motors (Lesser Desks are Single).

Storage + Many Options Available.

Private Labels

In addition to our three brands, we manufacture and private label electric desks for leading retailers, from local specialty stores to billion dollar companies.


Standing Revolution

Better Health and Longer Lives

A revolution is sweeping across the nation, and it will ultimately move nearly everyone to a new age of standing while working. Evodesk was founded to prove that people didn’t need to compromise to enjoy an electric desk. In the process, Evodesk has become the most awarded desk in its class in every category. All this is just the beginning. With Evodesk building its most affordable desk yet, it continues to make electric standing desks affordable to more and more people which leads to better health and longer lives.

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Real, sustainable materials

Genuine, natural materials add warmth and beauty to any space. Evodesk maintains a rare standard in the furniture industry: all desktops must be sustainable and real, and not plastic versions of something made by Mother Nature. But we take it a step further. Our "do no harm" philosophy means that we use only solvent-free, planet-friendly finishing. Setting Evodesk apart, sustainable materials like Plantation Oak and Bamboo are crafted into the genuine and solid furniture you’ve always wanted.

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Our mission is to accelerate the world's transition to electric standing desks.

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The Design

Thoughtful Craftsmanship

Evodesk ships all desks from its factory in Austin, Texas where some of the desk components are also made. For example, desktops are machined and finished in the US. Your desktop is the most visible part of your desk. It’s the part you see and touch every day. That’s why you’ll find no plastic laminate or edge banding that can peel over time. We start with the solid, real material of your choice. We then CNC machine each desktop with smooth contoured edges so you can use comfortably for long hours of work and play.

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There are several manufacturers that make standing desks, but I chose this one. It's the Lamborghini of standing desks. Super sleek.

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Six Patent and Ten Patents Pending

Today, Evodesk is the innovation leader with 6 patents and 10 patents pending. From our patented four column high-stability designs to patented welded steel subframes to designs that stir the soul, you’ll always find Evodesk engineers pushing boundaries. In 2016, Evodesk disrupted the industry when it unveiled the most stable and powerful desk ever – the Evodesk Pro. With quad lifting columns and a 500+ pound capacity, electric standing desks entered an era of no limits. The new patented design opened up a whole new world of integrated storage and accessories that people had demanded for years.

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From Austin, TX

Our Austin, Texas based factory is dedicated to giving clients the opportunity to personalize their desk. It’s how we bring dreams to life and create something unique. Choose your model, size, shape and finish to make your Evodesk uniquely yours. Our 38,000 square foot factory is stocked with hand selected solid and sustainable materials like Plantation Oak and Bamboo.

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