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There are several manufacturers that make standing desks, but I chose this one. It's the Lamborghini of standing desks. Super sleek.


All by itself, this programmable sit-to-stand desk is stunning. But outfit it with the built-in Harman Kardon sound system, and it's veritable eye (and ear) candy. It features eight transducers and a down-firing subwoofer that's mounted under each desktop. It's so beautiful, you can even find it as part of the New York Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection.

  • Noel Eberline profile

    While I was away, my team got me an @evodesk. Love it!

  • Kendra Kinnison profile

    I've had sciatica and was able to get an @evodesk standing desk. @CompTIA is an awesome place to work! #comptiaperks

  • Hamish Hill profile

    Finally got some time to build my height adjustable pallet @evodesk now to get some new toys to sit...

  • BJ Miller profile

    My @evodesk is wonderful. Here are some pics up and down. Love it!

  • Handheld opposum profile

    my @evodesk arrived today. assembly was a cinch. (cat for scale)


The entire surface of the desk is finished in a material called EvoGuard that is designed for high mousing precision. That means you need no fancy mouse pad, you simply put the mouse on the desk surface.


Editors Choice: Score of 90.  Adjustable, stable, and smooth, the EvoDesk is a potent and well designed sit/stand desk…in fact, despite a few nitpicks, I liked it so much my old traditional desk now sits in storage, disassembled.


The star of the show is the EvoGuard coating. The textured black design stands out in our office of wooden desks that, in comparison, look like they were pulled off an old ship. This slick, modern take on the desktop fits the current theme of glossy and matte finishes...


Standing is nothing new, but this suped up desk is. If you’ve got the money and need to have top of the line equipment, this is the desk you want.

  • Bryan Clagett profile

    First full day with my @evodesk

  • Joachim Scholz profile

    I am standing up for my work these days thanks to @evodesk

  • Heidi @devopsdaysINDY profile

    This is the problem with modern offices. I get seduced by gear.

  • Aaron Brown profile

    @evodesk - finally order the ol' polar white beauty today. Can't wait to get stood whilst working. Get up stand up.

  • David Kitchen profile

    @JoeKaiserSports @cfrelund Bought a sit/stand desk from @evodesk and it changed my world. Changed.My.World.


"It's a great way to try out the concept of a standing desk without fully committing to purchasing a more stationary one.", citing Evodesk XE as a great example of a standing desk converter.


A great solution to cable clutter - Infinitely customizable Evodesk, with a smart cable pass-through and an optional power dock, that's used by brands like Apple, General Mills, and Microsoft.

  • Jim Goldstein profile

    So I pulled the trigger on a sti/stand desk finally. It arrived today. I ended up going with @evodesk Now find the time to install it.

  • JR profile

    Loving my new @evodesk so glad I chose the ergo edge and the cable tray for that clean look.

  • Brummitt profile

    Everybody's up at their #standingdesks today in the office today! Bug thanks to @evodesk @NextDesks! #officelife

  • Miccal McMullan profile

    @evodesk love my new desk it's been about a month and it's great. I've recommended to all who ask - Thank you!

  • Julian West profile

    @evodesk dry run in new home ofc. Loving the desk, highly-recommended. Studio monitors iMac Retina 5k not included.


Evodesk has taken into account every particular need. For example, the desk surface is EvoGuard-finished, a trademarked surface coating with thousands of light-reflecting points is kind to the high-end optical mouse.


And the XE is very pretty. The version I've been testing is the Evodesk XE with medium-finish bamboo desktops and clear surface protector, dual monitor mounts and a programmable memory controller. It's a marvel to behold.

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