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Built for the Individual.

From the moment it first appeared on a drawing board, our vision has always been to create much more than a standing desk. Every build-to-order Evodesk is personalized. We don't build desks for everyone. We build desks for individuals. The vision evolved into an immersive office space that is built for our new digital world. Today, Evodesk is the innovation leader with 7 patents and 10 patents pending.

To further our commitment to personalization of every desk, we introduced a brand new 3D Configurator for 2020. This new platform has been called the "Future of Furniture". Customize and personalize your desk with over 30 options and accessories, all in 3D and on any device.

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Score of 90. Stable, smooth, potent, well designed. Liked it so much my old desk now sits in storage.

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Meet Aviator

Elevate Expectations.

Press a button and EvoDesk zooms to your choice of 250 different sitting and standing positions. The speed at which Evodesk moves is an amazing 1.5 inches per second. With a 50” maximum height, power electric Evodesk is perfect for everyone. Evodesk delivers best in class capacity so it’s strong enough to lift all of your most prized possessions. Go ahead and add that 2nd monitor or attach your PC and Harmon Kardon sound system.

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Evodesk Pro

The Power of Four

Evodesk Pro sets the bar even higher with four powerful lifting columns delivering a striking appearance. With a wide, aggressive stance, Pro dismantles preconceptions about standing desk stability. Microprocessor-controlled columns arranged in unique 45-degree geometry offer a visual cue of increased potential. The high-strength welded subframe supports over 500 lbs with maximum stability. The patented design is ideal for today’s modern technology-driven life.

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Studio L + Ergo Edge

Sometimes you just need more room for all of those brilliant ideas— and maybe extra gear for today’s digital world. Studio-L delivers best-in-class performance combined with a huge, highly functional L-shaped desktop. Available in left or right configuration and with Ergo Edge™ as a standard feature, you get an expansive desk with more potential.

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XE. Your Desk. Transformed.

Evodesk XE standing desk converter turns any desk into a power-adjustable desk in just minutes. It’s the perfect answer for those who prefer to keep their existing desk but want to add life-enhancing movement to their day. XE moves effortlessly with the push of a button to your precise ergonomic height. The innovative motorized standing converter takes your desk to new heights with power electric technology and sustainable desktops.

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Personalized from Austin.

Our Austin, Texas based factory is dedicated to giving clients the opportunity to personalize their motorized standing desk. It’s how we bring dreams to life and create something unique. Our 38,000 square foot factory is stocked with hand selected solid and sustainable materials like Plantation Oak and Bamboo. Your desktop is the most visible part of your desk. It’s the part you see and touch every day. That’s why every desktop is machined and finished in the US.

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Storage Made Easy.

Sometimes more is more, and you just need every square inch of your desktop. New patented storage options integrate seamlessly providing valuable space. Integrated storage options help you to keep your desktop clear, clean and functional. Store gear and other critical tools under your desktop, giving you a clutter-free space.

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Sorry Plastic.
We Keep it Real.

With only the finest awe-inspiring materials, we're especially proud of what you'll see when looking closer. Evo pushes the envelope with modern, sustainable materials. Choose from Recyled Evoguard, Bamboo, Rubberwood and Metalix Glass, the new and innovative hardened glass option. Our plantation oak and bamboo desktops are finished with an ultra-hard UV cured and solvent-free coating that brings out the warmth and beauty only provided by real wood.

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Systematically Enhanced.

Options and accessories make your stand up desk uniquely yours. Evodesk now offers over 25 ergonomic desk options that that can be specified during configuration. The new patented storage options integrate seamlessly providing valuable space for keeping it tidy. If you’re into great sounding music, an exclusive partnership with Harman Kardon offers integrated sound with a stunning minimalist design. The new Metalix glass dazzles the eyes while providing ultimate desktop protection.

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Pass the Cables.

With SmartPass

Cable management is often an afterthought with standing desks. We designed Evodesk from the ground up to control the cable chaos. Cable connectors are rectangle so we started by changing the shape. Evodesk CNC machines a spacious 3” x 6” rectangle pass-through. Multiple large DVI connectors is now a breeze. We finish it off with a perfectly matching cover.

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One Frame.


Future Proof.

Your life is continuously evolving. That's why we made the Evolution™ frame to evolve with your lifestyle. Fully adjustable, expandable, highly customizable, this may be the last electric standing desk you'll ever need to buy.

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Visualize Your Desk in 3D.

New 3D Online Configurator

Build & Buy

No Seams.
No Sharp Edges.

Laminate desktops are limited to rectangle shapes. Those sharp edges and corners make things uncomfortable. We wanted to make Evodesk extremely comfortable for long periods of use. Sharp edges were replaced with contoured edges enabling you to rest your wrists and forearms comfortably for long hours at work or play. The latest innovation is Ergo desktop. The CNC machined ergonomic inset forms a functional desk cockpit. You'll reach 22% more of your desktop with ease. Get closer to your work and increase productivity.

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Over 20 Desktops.

100% Solvent Free.

Evodesk offers over 20 desktops - from modern seamless designs to the more traditional warmth of genuine wood. Our "do no harm" philosophy means that we use only solvent-free finishing. Our Renew recycled composite desktops are finished with EvoGuard™, a seamless solvent-free coating that fully encapsulates each desktop.

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Designed to Last.

Posi-Loc Inserts.

Posi-Loc™ Steel desktop inserts were designed specifically for our Evoguard™ composite desktops to ensure maximum durability. Proprietary, corrosion resistant, externally machined threads provide superior holding power, so you can assemble and disassemble you sit stand desk as often as you like. Your desktop is ready to go wherever life takes you.

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Run Your Day.

From Your Desk.

Best-in-class performance, integrated storage options, and a smart expandable frame allow the Evodesk standing desk to evolve with you. With a power electric range of 250 positions, a 50" maximum height and the highest weight capacity in its class, Evodesk exceeds expectations. Customize your Evodesk with our online configurator by choosing over 25 custom sit stand options and accessories.

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Make Evo Uniquely Yours.

Choose your size, shape and finish to make your height adjustable desk uniquely yours. Then add one or all of the 25+ innovative options to make Evodesk even better – from functional ergonomics to the brilliant sound of the Harman Kardon sound system, the choice is yours.

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