Thoughtful Design.

Finally, a quality standing desk converter in a smart, space saving footprint. Level One transforms any desk into a flexible workspace in just minutes. Enjoy the freedom to sit or stand with great stability, thanks to Level One’s patent-pending high-strength steel design. The wide base maximizes stability and can hold up to 50 pounds. Level One is compact and lightweight so you can easily move around. Boost your productivity and move freely with the Level One.

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Machined & Finished in the USA.

Your desktop is the most visible part of your sit stand desk converter. Take a close look and you will find no plastic laminate or edge banding that can peel over time. We start with the solid, real material of your choice. Then we finish each desktop in the US. All of our desktops are genuine solid wood with smooth, contoured edges. The high-strength steel design of the base is powder coated for extreme durability. We promise to never use solvent-based paints or VOCs.


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Configure Online. Get Straight To Work.

Each Level One is custom designed in our 3D configurator. Choose from Premium finishes like natural bamboo or Evoguard in black, white or Slate Grey. Level One looks great in any space. Add features like wireless charging for your electronics, expand the size, or select a second platform for even more space or a keyboard.

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It's the Lamborghini of standing desks.

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Unbeatable Price.

Most stand up desk converters cost over $300. But Level One starts at just $49. The static wide steel base of Level One means it won’t wobble like the scissor lift converters with clunky hand brakes. With no moving parts, you’ll never experience a mechanical failure. The thoughtful design is ideal for users trying an active workstyle for the first time, or for those who aren’t ready to invest in a large electric desk.


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Level One Philosophy


High Strength Steel Frame

The stand up desk converters start with an extra wide high strength steel frame for maximum stability. While other standing desk converters hold 15-25 lbs, Level One supports up to 50 pounds. It's the perfect dual monitor sit stand converter. Level One has a compact nesting design so it's easy to move and store.


The Beauty of Simplicity

There are no hand cranks, scissor lifts, or clunky hand brakes required. Level One is customized online for you. Whatever your height, Level One adapts. Order in three heights, 7.5”, 12" and a tall 16.5”. A baked-on powder coat finish in black, white or silver ensures lasting beauty. Importantly, there are 0 solvent-based paints.


Compatible With Any Desk

The Level One quickly turns your desk into an ergonomic standing desk. Unlike DIY sit stand converters or cardboard standing desk converters, level one includes everyting you need enjoy a sit stand lifestyle.

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Standing Desk Converters.
For All.

Level One is a simple solution to all the problems introduced when sitting all day. Durable yet lightweight steel creates the strongest and most stable sit stand converter ever. Level One is perfect converter for laptops or dual monitors. Plus, there are not complicated scissor mechanisms to break or pinch fingers. Level One’s patent pending nesting design lets it tilt back, allowing Level One to virtually disappear on the desktop.

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Level One Features

Smart Features

  • Smart Patent Pending Design
  • Easily move between sitting and standing
  • Nesting design allows you to tilt out of the way
  • Over a dozen options and accesssories
  • Wireless charging and phone holder now available

Durable Steel Subframe

  • High-strength welded steel frame for max stability
  • Extra wide base is stable under a load
  • For laptops & dual monitors
  • Baked on power coat finish in 3 colors
  • Scratch and wear resistant
  • 1-Year warranty

Premium Desktops

  • 100% recycled wood composite with EvoGuard
  • Black, grey and white standing desk converters
  • Genuine bamboo options
  • Rounded corners and edges for comfort
  • Pre-drilled desktops for easy setup
  • No solvent-based paints
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