4 Columns. Better in Every Way.

Meet the first standing desk to combine quad lifting columns with a high-strength steel frame. Dual micro-processors onboard deliver a fast, smooth transitions. With double the power and double the lifting columns, the stability is legendary. Supports up to 500 lbs. There’s nothing else like it.

More Power.
More Stability.

Striking appearance. Undeniable strength. Quad lifting columns. Wide, aggressive stance. The formula sounds simple. A 50/50 weight distribution. Yet no other standing desk can match this balance. Welcome to the next level.

white corner desk

The Power of Four.

Evodesk Aviator has a striking appearance with undeniable strength. With a wide, aggressive stance, the quad column frame dismantles preconceptions about standing desk stability. The formula sounds simple. A 50/50 weight distribution between front and back. Yet no other standing L desk can match this balance.

white corner desk

We Keep in Real.

Evodesk maintains a rare standard in the furniture industry: all desktops must be sustainable and real, and not plastic versions of something made by Mother Nature. No laminate. No plastic. No edge banding to fail. But we take it a step further. Our "do no harm" philosophy means that we use only solvent-free and VOC-free finishing. Plus, our state of the art application facility reclaims 95% of overspray.

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l shaped sit stand desk

Standard Features.

Transformative Quad-column system.

ProChipTM Dual Processors.

45° angled columns. Patented design.

Ultra-wide high-strength steel frame.

4 SmartPassTM cable pass-throughs

Dual full-length steel cable trays.

Steel desktop inserts.

0 Solvent-based paints.

CNC machined desktop.

Laminate & plastic-free.

LiveWireTM instantaneous movement.

Personalize in our 3D design studio.

Serious Space.
For Serious Work.

Accolades. Awards. Epic engineering. The desk that’s done it all now does even more with a corner standing desk. With an l-shaped working surface, the Aviator is a massive 22.7 square feet. It’s all powerful. For all the things you want to do. Discover how enjoyable work can be when you have the freedom to sit or stand.

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black l shaped desk

It's the Lamborghini of standing desks.

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A Different Level.

The Aviator leads from the front of the pack. The formidable welded high-strength steel frame provides unparalleled power and performance in a corner standing desk – taking stability to a whole new level. Aviator sets the bar even higher with four 18-vot DC motors delivering power to all four lifting columns. When it comes to lifting your most prized possessions, confidence is king. With a welded heavy duty frame, this epic l shaped sit stand desk can handle whatever you throw at it.

Build Yours

adjustable height corner desk

Welded Tubular Subframe.

The steel sub frame is expertly crafted from high-strength steel tubing. It’s stronger and lighter than a traditional stamped steel frame, for a more confident and stable l shaped adjustable height desk. Eight welded cross members provide unmatched lateral support to keep your desk rock solid at all heights.


adjustable desk frame

Aviator L Shape.
2X the Goodness.

When you just can’t squeeze everything onto a normal sized desk. Because the new Aviator has twice the number of columns and nearly two times more desktop surface area than a typical 60 inch desk. It’s like doubling what you can reach, without taking a step.

Power to the Pros.

Pros from every profession love Evodesk. So we created one just for you. It’s an l shaped standing desk packed with four of our most powerful lifting columns ever and dual micro-processors. All under a breathtaking shape inspired by the Stealth aircraft. We built it for everyone from engineers to graphic designers to software developers to musicians. Aviator L desk provides the foundation to turn your biggest ideas into your greatest work.

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Aviator Philosophy

Epic Power & Performance

With a wide, aggressive stance, this L shaped height adjustable desk dismantles preconceptions about L shaped standing desk stability. The new balanced design with four sturdy lifting columns speaks volumes to the Aviator's personality. Powerful and rugged, yet sophisticated and stylish. The perfect formula for today's modern technology-driven life.

Balanced High Strength Steel Frame

The formula sounds simple. A 50/50 weight distribution between front and back. Yet no other maker has matched our balance. The subframe is expertly crafted from high-strength steel tubing with eight welded cross members. It's stronger and lighter than a traditional tempered steel frame, for a more confident and stable corner standing desk.

Patented High Stability Design

In addition to it's signature looks, Aviator raises the bar even higher with a new patent pending design. Evodesk engineered the electric columns at a 45˚ angle for greater lateral stability. In contrast to traditional corner sit stand desks that have just two or three columns positioned parallel to the feet. The steel sub frame and quad column design combine to deliver exceptional stability.

standing desk converter

Personalized from Austin.

Our Austin, Texas based factory is dedicated to giving clients the opportunity to personalize their motorized standing desk. It’s how we bring dreams to life and create something unique. Our 38,000 square foot factory is stocked with hand selected solid and sustainable materials like Plantation Oak and Bamboo. Your desktop is the most visible part of your desk. It’s the part you see and touch every day. That’s why every desktop is machined and finished in the US.

l shaped standing desk

Never Crowded.

The Aviator L is an ergonomic marvel from edge to edge. But it’s not just any L shape, it’s the most engineered shape on the planet. The desktop features industry‑leading precision. Using CNC machining, we rounded the corners for smooth, comfortable edges. And with more surface area than ever, you’ll never feel like you need more room. There’s 22.7 square feet to create, work, and play.

corner standing desk
standup black desk electric

100+ Options.

Invisible wireless charging.

Integrated underdesk storage.

Black, white or Slate Grey.

Matching float shelves.

Ergonomic under desk keyboard platform.

Power Up. 8 outlets + 4 USB onboard.

Front mounted USB + Audio

FX L desk designer base.

CPU mount.

Oversized monitor riser

Monitor arms for 1-3 displays.

Power everyting with a single cable.

Sound by Harman Kardon®.

Signature 45° Angles.

Four microprocessor-controlled leg columns arranged in unique 45-degree geometry offer a visual cue of increased potential. In addition to its signature looks, Aviator L desk raises the bar even higher with a new patented design. Evodesk engineered the electric columns at a 45° angle for greater lateral stability, in contrast to traditional desks that are made with columns positioned parallel to the feet.

Options Galore.

With each adjustable height desk built to order, you’ll choose from over 30 options including colors & accessories to make Evodesk uniquely yours. New storage solutions integrate seamlessly providing valuable storage space. If you’re into great sounding music, an exclusive partnership with Harman Kardon delivers brilliant sound and design.

Serious Workstation.

As you’d expect from a professional standing desk, there are many feature that work together. Aviator is the first Evodesk to come standard with dual steel cable management trays. And in a color that matches. But we didn’t stop there. And there’s something you probably didn’t expect. Aviator can now be built with our invisible wireless charging, an Evodesk exclusive.

l shaped electric standing workstation

Power to Change Everything.

You’ve never seen a desk like this. User-focused and at the top of its game. Aviator’s patent-pending cockpit is the result of 14 months of design prototyping and testing. Want to try out this progression of power and stability for yourself? Personalize any way you like. All in our 3D Desk Studio.

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Aviator L-desk Features

Smart Features

  • Patent-pending bold, aggressive design
  • Quad lifting columns angled at 45 degrees
  • ProChip™ dual microprocessors
  • LiveWire™ instantaneous, smooth and fast movement
  • Four over-sized cable pass throughs with sliding cover
  • 3 programmable memory presets
  • Sophisticated track guidance system
  • Smooth soft-start and soft-stop
  • Dust, air & moisture resistant sealed electric columns
  • Brilliant digital LED display indicated height selection

Durable Steel Subframe

  • High-strength welded steel frame for max stability
  • Ultra-wide base for highest lateral stability
  • Tubular steel design is stronger than tempered steel
  • Includes matching dual steel full length cable trays
  • High strength Double U Channel foot
  • Baked on power coat finish in black, white or silver
  • Scratch and wear resistant
  • 5-Year warranty

Premium Desktops

  • Massive cockpit provides 22.7 square feet of surface
  • 100% recycled wood with EvoGuard coating
  • Ergo Edge included as standard
  • CNC rounded corners and edges for comfort
  • Available in black, white or Slate Grey
  • Pre-drilled desktops for easy setup
  • Posi-loc™ steel desktop inserts
  • No solvent-based paints
l-shaped corner desk

And then there was Aviator.

It works like a desk. And in ways other desks can’t. Some standing L-desks add another lifting column. Here’s two more. Our most dramatic leap in stability ever. It has the accessories you expect on a desk, plus a hundred designed just for Evodesk. And did we mention it comes with a look to stop people in their tracks?

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