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Gaming PCs Are Booming

With all of the great games that have been released recently it’s no wonder that while PC sales in general have gone down, gaming PC sales have gone way up. Lots of people are buying top-of-the-line gaming PCs to enhance their gaming experience, so gaming desks can’t be far behind.

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VR and a standing gaming desk

A Gaming Desk Brings VR To Life

Pssst! Today is a big day for gamers who are excited for the virtual reality gaming revolution. The Oculus Rift is available for pre-order today and the HTC Vive is available for pre-order soon at the end of February! With virtual reality on the rise, it seems less likely to imagine yourself gaming slouched in a chair: Enter the Evdodesk gaming desk.

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Evodesk game developer barbie

Game Developer Barbie Has A Standing Desk

Mattel has been making some big changes to Barbie recently, and to many people, it’s about time. This year alone, there will be curvy, tall, and petite body types available along with different jobs. When I saw the “Spy Squad” group, I couldn’t help but think of the #WhereIsBlackWidow campaign and that Mattel was listening. Well done, Barbie. So now we move on to the next barrier Barbie is set to overcome, the gaming industry. And she comes complete with a standing desk!

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evodesk a good looking standing desk

Evodesk, Looking Good

Standing desks aren’t just about the health benefits, they are also about looking good. If you want to transform your office into a healthier, more futuristic setting, why not also make it high tech and beautiful to look at? Featured by Bloomberg, the Evodesk was listed as one of “Five high-tech standing desks that look good, too.” We’d have to agree.

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evodesk gaming desk

Teens Gaming More Than Ever Before

What was it like when you were eight? Once you got home from school did you do your homework, did you immediately turn on the TV? The computer? Your Game Boy? I had a street crew (aka laser tag enthusiast neighbors), and we would play outside until the streetlights went on. But I guess I was old-school. Based on this study that highlights how teens spend their time, see why a gaming desk is becoming a necessity.

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facts about standing desks

The Facts About Standing Gamer Desks

Since a gamer desk is still very new, (the Evodesk is the first height adjustable gaming desk) there are a lot of questions out there. And it seems there are even more inaccuracies. To help clear things up, here are some of the top misconceptions about standing gamer desks and to help us, we enlisted the help of the assistant to the regional manager.

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