evodesk a good looking standing desk

Evodesk, Looking Good

Standing desks aren’t just about the health benefits, they are also about looking good. If you want to transform your office into a healthier, more futuristic setting, why not also make it high tech and beautiful to look at? Featured by Bloomberg, the Evodesk was listed as one of “Five high-tech standing desks that look good, too.” We’d have to agree.

In the Bloomberg article, they list the Evodesk standing desk second as less of, “a single product and more a platform.” The reason being the extreme amount of options.

“You can mix and match different colored frames, optional trays and monitor arms, various desktop materials (or just get a frame and use your own top), before finishing it out with an integrated set of Harman Kardon speakers to create the desk fit just for you.”

Why So Many Standing Desk Options?

Being able to take a standing desk and truly make it your own is a beautiful thing. And with over 200,000 different standing desk configurations, there is no limit.

Different colored standing desk frames make it easy to have the desk match the office. We know this is a preference issue, but if you are going to be making this investment, you shouldn’t have to settle on any detail.

Cable Management Trays keep your wires off the ground and out of sight for a cleaner more organized space.

Monitor Arms clear off your desktop and make it easy to adjust the screen height when you are transitioning from sitting to standing.

Different materials and colors for the desktop means you get the right look and feel. Evodesk standing desks come in bamboo, 100% recycled wood with an EvoGuard finish, or genuine rubberwood. After you choose your style, then you get to choose one of three different colors to match your office or your mood.

Harman Kardon speakers are an award-winning sound system designed to bring the whole package. So beautiful, they are a permanent fixture in the New York Museum of Modern Art, these speakers are all about style, sophistication and killer sound. Just look at the glass subwoofer attached to the bottom of the standing desk. That says it all about being functional and fashionable.

And the real kicker is that even though you have all of these options, if you already love your setup and have everything you need besides the ability to adjust from sitting to standing, you can just buy the Evodesk frame. Expandable to accommodate desktops from 48-90 inches long, the Evodesk standing desk frame is built to handle your desktop. The double steel wall tubing design lets it lift a conservative 355 pounds while still gliding easily from your sitting to standing height.

If you decide to upgrade your desk into an Evodesk standing desk remember, with over 200,000 different options you never have to settle. And isn’t that a beautiful thought?

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