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Teens Gaming More Than Ever Before

What was it like when you were eight? Once you got home from school did you do your homework, did you immediately turn on the TV? The computer? Your Game Boy? I had a street crew (aka laser tag enthusiast neighbors), and we would play outside until the streetlights went on. But I guess I was old-school. Based on this study that highlights how teens spend their time, see why a gaming desk is becoming a necessity.

How Long Teens Play Video Games

In 2010, the Kaiser Family did a study all about how much time teens spend watching and listening to media, and the results have shown just how much technology has impacted the art of growing up. They broke up the different types of media and measured how many hours the kids and teens spend gaming and watching TV each day. The subjects were between the ages of eight and eighteen and here are the stats from 1999.

TV: 3 hours 47 minutes

Music: 1 hour 48 minutes

Computer: 27 minutes

Video Games: 26 minutes

Movies: 18 minutes

Print: 43 minutes

Total Media Exposure: 7 hours 29 minutes


Now fast forward to 2009 and see the difference technology has made:

TV: 4 hours 29 minutes

Music: 2 hours 31 minutes

Computer: 1 hour 29 minutes

Video Games: 1 hour 13 minutes

Movies: 25 minutes

Print: 38 minutes

Total Media Exposure: 10 hours 45 minutes


Sadly the only number that went down was the amount of time teens spent reading. But if we look at computer and video game time (we are a gaming desk company after all) they both went up by about an hour a day. And that part is especially important due to the health risks of sitting for hours each day. We have already talked about the dangers of sitting, so if they are going to game, why not make it safer?

How a Gaming Desk Can Help Gamers

With DVT,¬†gamer’s thrombosis, and cases of gamers developing blood clots from marathon gaming sessions it’s more important than ever to help gamers get on their feet with a gaming desk. The more time you spend sitting and gaming, the more you are at risk of developing health risks like blood clots. And with teens playing this much, it’s totally possible that the amount of time gamers play will only grow. So see the line of Evodesk gaming desks and get your gamer (or yourself) standing and fragging.

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