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PC Gamer: What Is A Gamer Desk?

PC Gamer, the online mecca for all gaming news, took a look at the Evodesk gaming desk to see just what makes it a gamer desk. Their verdict?

First one all, let me say that after the Editor-in-Chief of Maximum PC, Tuan Nguyen, reviewed the Evodesk Gaming desk, he retired his stationary desk:

“I liked it so much my traditional desk now sits in storage, disassembled.”

That by itself shows just how awesome the Evodesk gaming desk is. If you need more proof, here are more great points.

What Makes An Evodesk Standing Desk A Gamer Desk?

The EvoGuard Coating: Textured similarly to a hard-surface gaming mouse mat, this revolutionary gaming design gives your mouse precision anywhere on your gaming desk. PC Gamer even put our claim to the test:

“I tried a variety of gaming mice, optical and laser, and all of them performed well. During intense sessions of CS:GO, I was able to avoid air shooting and maintain accurate body shots on the enemy…Mouse movements are smooth on the EvoDesk’s surface. It’s rough enough to keep the mouse from feeling like it’s gliding on ice, but feels like an actual gaming mouse pad.”

I was going to break up this text but all of it was so good. Smooth to the touch but still responsive to a gaming mouse? Check. Works for an optical gaming mouse? Check. Works for a laser gaming mouse? Check. Helped him get accurate body shots? Check. Why settle for a mouse pad when the whole desk can be your mouse pad? Plus PC Gamer isn’t the only gamer news source to connect the EvoGuard finish to a giant mouse pad.

The Concave Edge: The smooth edge gives your wrists more comfort while the cockpit-like design lets you get closer to the surface area of the desk. Being able to reach 22% more of your desktop easily, means you can actually use more of your desktop real estate.

The Power Height Adjustment: Not only has switching between sitting and standing been shown to have mental and physical benefits, but the powered sit- stand desk design lets you sit or stand with the press of a button. It’s no surprise that gamers spend a lot of time sitting and gaming, so this is the ideal time to squeeze in some healthy standing breaks.

Evodesk Gaming Desk Bottom Line

A gaming desk is a desk designed with features that benefit a gamer. From the ability to take healthy standing breaks, to a mouse-pad-like surface, the Evodesk is a stable, feature packed, standing desk that is designed to help you game healthier. All that and more is why the Evodesk gaming desk got quite the tagline from PC Gamer:

“Adjustable, stable, and smooth, the Evodesk is a potent and well designed sit/stand gaming desk, though its price may be high for some.”

Why Not DIY A Standing Gamer Desk?

Nguyen states that you may be tempted to try and DIY build a standing desk because it’s cheaper, the finished product will be a lesser substitute.

“Building your own standing desk is a cheap alternative, but the height can’t be easily adjusted, if at all. I was able to dial in a perfect position and get right to business.”


It is a well designed gaming desk and at a starting price of $599 it may be something to save up for; but like most well designed tech equipment, it pays to get something that will last and was built by professionals. If you are going to pamper yourself, do it right. The powered, height adjustable aspect helps you easily get to the right level without throwing off your game. And we all know how crucial total concentration can be. I’m looking at you Leeroy Jenkins!

If you want to up your game and get up on your feet, check out our different gaming desk configurations or design your very own gaming desk.

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