best sit stand desk accessories

Top Sit Stand Desk Accessories

When you have an epic, techie sit-to-stand desk, your next step may be to decorate it with awesomeness. Are you into music? Are you all about staying organized? Are you incredibly messy but want to change your ways? Check out these top standing desk accessories that can be built into your Evodesk standing desk.

Best Standing Desk Accessories

cable management tray option

1. Cable management tray- There is nothing like having your cords and cables all organized under your desk. Seeing your cables dangling, waiting to get caught on something, takes away from the whole sleek look of your standing desk setup. Keep cables in their place and out of danger with a cable management tray.


evo cpu pc mount

2. CPU mount- When you switch from a stationary desk to a standing desk, a CPU mount is something you may have never known you needed. Going up and down means that if your PC stays on the ground, wires may be pulled during transition. Or the wires may need to be excessively slack so nothing gets taut during elevation. The easiest way around this is to keep the PC connected to the bottom of your desktop. That way your PC is always in reach and the cords are never in jeopardy.


evodesk programmable controller

3. Programmable memory controller- Sometimes you just want to be pampered. With a standard up and down controller, you can move your Evodesk up and down with the touch of a button, but the beauty of the programmable memory controller is that when you set your perfect standing and sitting heights, you are done; You never have to try to find them again. Think of all of the the time you’ll save and the focus that’ll stay on your game… I mean work.


harman kardon sound system integrated

4. Harman Kardon sound system- This built-in beauty is designed to impress in both looks and sound. The glass subwoofer is built into the bottom of the desktop and the speakers can be tilted to just the right spot. Did I mention it’s a permanent feature at the New York City Museum of Modern Art? Because it is. So that’s good enough to have in your home office right? Thought so.


 ergo edge desktop option

5. Ergo Edge desktop- When you are as innovative as Evodesk, you get to come up with some really cool standing desk designs, like a cockpit-like curve. Not only can you reach 22% more of your desktop, but the curved edge is more seamless for your wrist comfort.

So here is our top five best built-in standing desk accessories for Evodesk. There are tons more to choose from and literally thousands of different configurations to craft your perfect sit stand desk. Designing your dream sit stand desk with the best accessories means you’ll get your best sit stand desk experience.

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