10 marathons at a sit stand desk

Run 10 Marathons At Your Sit Stand Desk

Was one of your New Year’s Resolutions to run a marathon this year? Why not 10? A study shows that working at a standing desk can burn as many calories as running 10 marathons in a year. See the science below and start making your home-made medals.

In a study done by the BBC and the University of Chester, they asked ten participants to stand for a minimum of three hours in the day.

While they stood, they had a higher heart rate of an additional 10 beats per minute. An added 10 beats per minute may not seem like a lot, but that adds up to around 50 extra calories burned an hour compared to sitting. Now we’re talking.

After a year, that’s around 30,000 extra calories lost just from standing at your standing desk for three to four hours a day at work.

Dr. Buckley, of the study states that about 30,000 calories is equal to running 10 marathons in a year. Boom! Take that New Year’s Resolution! 10 marathons… ran from your standing desk… while you’re working. And as a bonus, that’s equal to eight pounds of fat lost.

If you didn’t get an Evodesk sit stand desk as a present, why not get one for yourself? Start your year off on the right track with an investment in your health and fitness goals. While you are working or gaming on your feet, just think of all the calories you are burning and how awesome you are at multitasking.

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