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Evodesk “Is Like One Big Mouse Pad”

Digital Trends always has it’s pulse on the most cutting-edge and wave-making tech. It is their mission to, “love, live and breathe tech so that we can explain it to you simply and clearly.” So when they took a peak at the Evodesk gaming desk, put simply and clearly, they had a lot to love.

 Named a Digital Trends Recommended Product, the Evodesk gaming desk had a lot of high praise:

“Excellent gaming surface

Solid price point

Sharp look

Speedy motor.”

Starting with the gaming desk surface, Digital Trends claims “this gamer-friendly standing desk is like one big mouse pad.” The reason is the high-tech EvoGuard finish. Designed to compliment a high-end gaming mouse, the surface reflects back the laser sensor to improve mouse accuracy.

Besides the performance benefits, Digital Trends goes on about the visual benefits. While the other wood desks in the office are business as usual, the Eiovdesk gaming desk has a sleek, dark design that draws in attention.

“This slick, modern take on the desktop fits the current theme of glossy and matte finishes found on most gaming peripherals.”

The bonus to the Evodesk standing desk is the physical and mental boost. When it’s getting late and the gaming pressure is on, Digital Trends explains what you really need to get your reflexes sharp, your response times faster, and your mind reinvigorated, is to get on your feet. So before you reach for a jittery energy drink, stand up at your gaming desk.

You can read the full review here. And you can buy your epic gaming desk here.

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