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Gaming PCs Are Booming

With all of the great games that have been released recently it’s no wonder that while PC sales in general have gone down, gaming PC sales have gone way up. Lots of people are buying top-of-the-line gaming PCs to enhance their gaming experience, so gaming desks can’t be far behind.

PC gaming is getting more and more popular. Because it’s awesome and so are you.

Go on with your bad self.
Go on with your bad self.

In an article by Digital Trends they cited that in the fourth quarter of 2015, PC sales went down 10.6% overall. That may have caused some PC gamers to worry. “If PC sales are going down, what may happen to my games? Will I have to go console?”

Does hawk have to switch to a console?
But I love my battle station…

Many people credit the dip to tablets, smartphones, and two-in-ones. But while PC sales are going down, gaming PCs are going strong.

It turns out that they are really strong actually. High-end gaming desktops and laptops are growing every year: elevating 26%.

Yay for Gamers
Go Gamers!

In a previous post we talked about two of the virtual reality setups that are available for pre-order, and how a standing gaming desk can help you get even deeper into the virtual world. And even if PC sales are down, it’s good to know that the PC gamer market is strong and embracing new awesome technology.

The future of PC gaming is glorious to behold.
The future of PC gaming is glorious to behold.

Enter the Evodesk gaming desk. With the rise of virtual reality and the highest-quality PCs (complete with every imaginable bell and whistle) for gaming, expect to see gaming desks rounding out the most premium battle stations. And talk about bells and whistles…

  • Ergo Edge for superior ergonomics
  • Power height adjustment to game on your feet
  • EvoGuard finish for ultimate mouse precision
  • Future-proof frame can expand to support a larger desktop
  • Exceptional cable management system
  • Dual monitor arms
  • Thousands of different configurations

Create your ultimate Evodesk gaming battle station and whether it’s prepped with a virtual reality set up and top-of-the-line gaming PC or not, noobs better watch out.

Bring it!
Bring it!


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