Treadmill Standing Desk? Bring It.

The internet has exploded with awesome videos of people transforming the boring task of walking on a treadmill into an amazing dance video. Thanks Carson Dean! So why not step up your office desk? Instead of sitting at your desk for hours and hours, a height adjustable desk let’s you get up and stretch your legs. So why not upgrade standing to walking? Treadmills aren’t just for running on anymore. Don’t believe me? Just watch.

Here are a handful of reasons why adding a treadmill to your standing desk is less of a stretch than you thought.

  1. One of the benefits of a standing desk is to combat sitting disease. Adding a treadmill is a way to take that battle to the next level. Standing has great health benefits and walking has even more.
  2. You don’t have to walk the whole day. It is a standing desk after all, so you are more than welcome to stand and work. And, if you have a stool, ball or chair that is specially made for a treadmill you can always have a seat and lower the Evodesk down for a break. Just make sure that the chair is suitable for the treadmill surface. And no we don’t recommend a wheeled chair for obvious reasons. I’m not naming names, but plenty of people fall out of those without a treadmill underneath … right Dave?

Here’s a heads up though: Walk responsibly. Once upon a time there was an office that tried to beat each other and cranked the speed up to 3.0 for the whole day. They admit to, “taking a good, healthy thing and using it to the extreme.” You can read their account here but needless to say they didn’t enjoy it as much as they could have. Nevertheless, in the article Alyson Shontell said it was a “brilliant contraption” and she would “highly recommend” it.

The best part about a treadmill desk is noticing the miles fly by. Between the mental and physical stimulation, a day on a treadmill desk is anything but boring.

When you use it properly there are many bonuses including feeling great. Blogger Danny Sullivan for CNET switched to a standing desk and he hasn’t looked back:

I used the desk for everything. And it was fine. E-mail, reading, writing a breaking news story — I’ve been able to do it all without hitting the pause button to stop or heading to my regular desk as some type of a safety net.

In his article, “My Life with a Treadmill Desk — E-mailing and Browsing at 2 MPH,” he talks about how pumped he feels when he is successfully multitasking and his sense of accomplishment after a work day: “It’s a good tired, one that tells me I’ve been active.”

Check out what makes our standing desk treadmill stand out here. And picture just how much more you can accomplish each day at a standing desk that keeps you going.

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