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Adjustable Height Desks

The leader. The style maker. The benchmark. The all-new Evo Pro.

7 Patents. 10 Patents Pending. 23 Awards.

Build yours in 3D. Try for 30 Days.

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Like a Desk.
Unlike any Desk.

Evodesk designs and builds two column and high stability four column electric adjustable height desks in Austin, Texas. Each custom desk is built to order in as little as 3 days. With a bold vision for innovation, Evo has more patents issued and pending than all challengers combined.

It's the Lamborghini of standing desks.

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Meet Aviator
power electric desk bamboo

Options Galore.

With each adjustable height desk built to order, you’ll choose from over 30 options including colors & accessories to make Evodesk uniquely yours. New storage solutions integrate seamlessly providing valuable storage space. If you’re into great sounding music, an exclusive partnership with Harman Kardon delivers brilliant sound and design.

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We Keep It Real

Genuine, natural materials add warmth and beauty to any space. Evodesk maintains a rare standard: all desktops must be real, and not plastic versions of something made by Mother Nature. But we take it a step further. Our "do no harm" philosophy means that we use sustainable, planet-friendly materials including paints which are applied in the finest US based factories.

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Brilliant Storage.

Evo's patent pending storage options let you clear your desktop and store tools and supplies within easy reach. Finally, matching standing desk storage and shelving that helps keep your desk clean and clutter-free.

shelves for adjustable standing desks

Evodesk Pro

With a wide aggressive stance, the four powerful lifting columns speak volumes to the Pro's personality. Every aspect of patented Pro is in pursuit of performance. The most powerful and stable adjustable height desk is built for business. You'll find Evodesk in top comapanies, small and large.

electric standing desk

Desktops Machined & Finished in the U.S.A.

Your desktop is the most visible desk component. That’s why all wood is finished in the USA for superior quality. Who else does this? Nobody. You’ll find no plastic laminate. No edge banding that can peel over time. We start with the solid, real material of your choice. We then CNC machine each with smooth contoured edges for long hours of work or play. Then we finish each one in our US based finishing facility.

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Get Personal

Each and every desk is built to order. Choose material, size, shape and color to make your Evodesk uniquely yours. Then add one or all 30+ of the innovative options to make your power electric desk even better – from functional ergonomics to the brilliant sound of the Harman Kardon sound system.

bamboo sit stand desk
standup black desk electric

Customize. Personalize. Blending is not an option.

Build yours unlike any that has come before. All in our new 3D Online Configurator. Select from over 100 colors and options created by Evo.