Gaming Desks Get a Standing Ovation

Word is getting around. PSFK discovered the Evodesk gaming desk and they had plenty to say about “a standing desk for work and especially play.”

First of all PSFK “inspires creative professionals to develop progressive ideas that help people live, work and play better.” And with that lens, it’s no wonder that Evodesk made a blip on their radar. PSFK notes that standing desks were created to combat health concerns and that the Evodesk gaming desk, has brought the standing solution straight to the gamers.

“When they say designed with hardcore gamers in mind, they don’t just mean the color scheme. Evodesk has taken into account every particular gaming need. For example, the desk surface is EvoGuard-finished, a trademarked surface coating with thousands of light-reflecting points kind to high-end gaming optical mouse.”

They also praise the minimalistic design and the “discrete” cable management system so you can keep your desk and your objectives clear: game like it’s your job.

They also note that there are serious dangers to sitting for hours and the Evodesk helps to get gamers out of their chairs and still in the game. We all know that taking breaks is essential, but it can be so hard to take a walk or leave your battle station when you are finally at the boss fight or your raid is ready to go. With a standing gamer desk, you can stand up and keep playing. This is an especially important issue when you realize just how much time gamers spend playing.

The NPD Group reported that there are 34 million “core gamers” in the United States alone, and that those gamers spend an average of 22 hours per week playing video games. This is not counting the time that they are sitting at a desk for their job or school work or just sitting on the couch watching T.V. This is just the time they spend playing games, so if you factor in all the other times they are sitting, it’s a pretty hefty amount.

If you need more science to get you out of the chair the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM) published a report all about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and concluded that “video gaming should be considered a risk factor for venous thromboembolism” or (gamer’s thrombosis): a serious medical condition in which blood clots form from playing in a seated position for hours and then those clots can break up and go to the heart or other vital organs with life-threatening results.  Sitting for over 23 hours a week resulted in a 37% increase in the chance of death from cardiovascular disease.

In a futuristic time when we have self-driving cars and hoverboards, isn’t it time to ditch the sedentary desk and power up with a height-adjustable desk? Sit, stand, and dominate with a gaming desk that lets you get up, stretch your legs, and keep gaming. See why gamers are making the switch to a gaming desk at Evodesk.  A standing gamer desk can be for your comfort, your health, or your in-game performance, but with over 8,000 combinations it can also be for looks.

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