Oh, the Breaks You Can Take!

When you’re working real hard at your desk, at your job,

There are times when your brain starts to feel like a blob.

Your eyes feel all strained and you squint and you blink,

Then is when you should go take a break, I do think.

There are so many ways to go and reset.

If I list a few here, you may try them I bet.

So we’ll start nice and easy. No need to be scared.

Just stand for a while, get out of that chair.

A standing desk is as quick as a blink,

Just press a small button, and with hardly a clink,

Your powered desk goes right up, and so will your mood.

You can keep on typing with improved attitude.

Or how about stepping away from your screen?

Talk to a coworker, I swear they’re not mean.

Ask them how it’s going and enjoy your talk.

And if they’re up for it, invite them to walk.

People like to walk and talk and stroll,

So do a quick lap. Be brave. Be bold.

You would be surprised how much better you’ll feel,

If you get some fresh air and work off that meal.

But some days its cloudy and the rain can come down,

That’s when a treadmill desk is the best thing in town.

Enjoy that walk all while staying in place,

With no rain on your clothes and no rain on your face.

Stretching’s fun too and it just feels sublime,

When you touch your toes or point your foot in a line.

There are many, many ways to feel better and fast,

Tell you more about standing desks? Well, I’m glad that you asked.

At Evodesk there are so many to choose,

Over 8,000 combos with stellar reviews.

So take a look here and don’t be surprised,

When a powerful standing desk catches your eye.

Well now I must go, my break time is here,

And I chose a dance party to give me some cheer.

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