One Gaming Desk to Rule Them All

Evodesk has just launched the Evodesk gamer desk configurations page. Pick your battle-station bundle and game like never before. Wondering why you might want a gaming desk? Here are the four gaming desk configurations and the benefits of each feature. Find your precious gaming desk and customize it so it’s just for you.

Level 1- There is nothing “level 1” about this gaming setup.

  • The Evodesk standing desk has a power adjustable height controller that lifts the 48″ desk right where you want it. At 1.5 inches per second, your desk will quietly adjust to 250 different height positions, so you are sure to find your ideal, ergonomic gaming posture.
  • Ergo Edge™ lets you get closer to the action, helps keep your wrists more comfortable, and since you can reach 22% of your desk more easily your snacks will be that much easier to conquer as well.
  • EvoGuard™ finish is ideal for a gaming mouse. Thousands of microscopic, light-reflecting points make for next-generation mice traction.
  • The Evolution™ frame goes up and down as well as laterally. Expand the frame to hold any desktop 48-90 inches long, so when you are ready to upgrade to a bigger rig, you’ve already got your favorite frame as a base.
  • The cable management tray and SmartPass™ system keep your cables organized and out of sight. Just snake the monitor cables through the SmartPass opening and the cables can neatly collect in the under-the-table tray.

Level 2- Enjoy all of the awesome features from Level 1 on a 60″ desk. That’s an extra foot of battle station real estate. And with the Level 2 gaming desk bundle, you get another bonus:

  • A single monitor arm gets your screen off of the desktop and into your ideal eye level. Whether you are sitting or standing, just swing the monitor to the most comfortable height and distance for total eye comfort and total domination.

Level 3- You get everything from Level 1, that’s right, all those sick features. You get the 60″ desk from Level 2, but you don’t get the single monitor arm… you get dual monitor arms!

  • When one screen isn’t enough, now both of your screens are in sync and easy to adjust. Who said you can’t have it all?

Level 4- This is it. This is the grand finale. Power-adjustable height controller. And then? Ergo Edge.™ And then? EvoGuard.™ And then? Evolution™ frame. And then? Cable management tray. And then? Oh, we’ve got some “and then” for you:

  • A Studio L™ desktop gives you more desk space and a cockpit-like feel. Check out our post here on why the Studio L standing desk is worthy.
  • A quad-monitor arm system. All four of your monitors can be lifted and adjusted, so you get an immersive gaming experience.
  • The Harman Kardon® Integrated Sound System is a mix of beauty, performance and subtlety. Check out this write up and video all about why this sound system is a stunner.

Visit our gaming desk page to see our standing gamer desk configurations in all their glory.


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