Gamer Plays at a Standing Desk for a Year

A PC gamer, Evan Lahti of PC Gamer, decided to see what would happen to his gaming style if he played with a standing desk. One year and hours of gaming later, what are his thoughts?

Standing made me feel more like a commander.

When discussing the difference a gaming desk has made to his PC gaming experience Lahti mentioned that gaming has become, “less of a passive activity.”

Being vertical while playing CS:GO or Dead State or Shadow of Mordor makes me feel more present in what I’m doing.

Not only did his standing gamer desk help him focus on the game and get drawn in, he even thought some games were “more fun” while standing. Those are some awesome bonuses. Here are more of his words of wisdom.

  1. A mat isn’t an option. Unlike the Evodesk power height adjustable desk which goes up and down with the touch of a button, his standing desk stayed in place, so for Lahti when it came to a mat, “It isn’t optional.” To ease fatigue from standing for hours the mat was his only relief, but with the Evodesk gaming desk you can press the height adjuster button and easily go back to sitting.
  2. A wireless headset is a must. When you are standing at your gaming desk and jumping with every victory, it’s best not to be tethered to your system. As a bonus, if you are standing and wearing a wireless headset, you can make a run to the kitchen before your next match starts.
  3. It has to be adjusted just right. If you are gaming, your wrists need to be in the correct, ergonomic position and your eye line needs to be at the right height for maximum comfort. Luckily with an Evodesk gaming desk, you can adjust the desk height easily. Plus the Ergo Edge is designed specifically to make your wrists comfortable. Even the monitor arms were designed for simple, swinging adjustments to get your line of sight just right.

When it comes to gaming, every bonus helps and the Evodesk gaming desk is designed to give you as many stacking bonuses as possible. Check out Lahti’s full account here at PC Gamer or check out our gaming desk headquarters to see all of the bonuses we have to offer.

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