Stand Up and Dance with Me!

Since I started using a standing desk three weeks ago, I’ve noticed a big change: I dance a lot more. Like a lot. As soon as a great song comes in through my headphones, without being aware of it I press the programmable memory controller, my power height adjustable desk lifts up to my perfecting standing/typing/dancing height, and I am at my own rock concert.

I knew that there were plenty of health benefits to standing instead of sitting from 9 to 5, but dancing? Let’s check it out.

  • Happiness: I work in a small office, there are just a handful of us so when my jam comes on I’m not just bobbing my head. I feel like a keyboardist on stage during his solo in front of millions. “Are you ready to rock Evodesk?!” I’m lip syncing along, typing and feeling all shades of awesome. So no wonder Jason Ladock for Health Guidance wrote, “dancing is a fantastic way to improve your mood, the health benefits of which should not be underrated. Dancing, like any exercise, will help to produce natural antidepressants like endorphins but is also just a lot of fun.” And who doesn’t want to feel happier?
  • Stress relief: In a study documented by Berkeley Wellness, the affects of dancing were compared to the affects of meditation and you’d be surprised. While both activities reduced depression, only dancing reduced stress levels as well. Not too shabby dancing. And we all can use a little stress reduction after we get handed an assignment that needs to be done by EOD today.
  • Balance: Dancing is all about balance and being able to hold that balance in different positions. DanceScape explains that this skill is very beneficial: “Dancers have mastered the ability to balance themselves in a number of positions. This strengthens our stabilizer muscles, while protecting our core and keeping us less prone to injury in our daily lives.” So the next time you are dancing at your standing desk, remember that whatever you are doing is making you stronger, so who cares if it’s the chicken dance?
  • Posture: Are you hunched over your screen right now? If your mother was behind you would she tell you to sit up straight? Well another benefit to taking dance breaks at your standing desk is that by rolling your shoulders back, raising your chin and cutting footloose you are strengthening your lower spine. Ladock continues, “Constantly remembering to do this can ultimately impact on your natural posture throughout the day leading to a more balanced and healthy musculature as well as eliminating back pain and even improving breathing.” And if you have better posture, you have…
  • Better confidence: The Better Health Channel knows that dancing can improve your “self-esteem” and “physical confidence.” Your body language can say a lot and if you are hunched over, what is that saying to others? Now if you have your chin up and you just gave¬†Shakira a run for her money (or you just think you did) that speaks volumes too. Having a happy attitude, stellar posture and less stress is all connected to higher self-esteem.

And the beauty of the Evodesk is if you get the optional Harman Kardon built-in sound system, you can enjoy award-winning sound by yourself in your home office or with your coworkers at the noontime dance party.

So don’t you dare look back. Raise up your standing desk. I say you’re holding back. You say, “Stand up and dance with me!” Gladly.

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