New Sustainable Materials Set to Stun

Evodesk is proud to announce new desktop material options that are both stunning and sustainable. Crafting standing desks with conservation in mind, bamboo and rubberwood have joined our recycled wood option as eco-friendly materials that look good and do good for the environment. Want a stylish standing desk that doesn’t support deforestation or filling landfills? See what happens when beauty and betterment team up to take down the norm.

  • Bamboo- We cultivate the highest-grade bamboo for a strong and stylish desktop. Since bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant on earth, harvesting it is not as detrimental as cutting down trees. There is no comparison to a tree taking 30 years to regrow when bamboo can grow 39 inches in 24 hours. Also thinning bamboo actually makes it healthier, so by collecting this highly renewable resource we are helping the plant, the planet, and ourselves. Experience a warm and beautiful desktop that speaks to your style just as much as your respect for the planet. It’s not just a panda snack.
  • Rubberwood- Unlike the name would suggest, there is nothing flimsy about this hard wood. Similar in looks to oak, this gorgeous wood is revived as an elegant and eco-friendly desktop. Usually a rubber tree is burned after 30 years of producing latex. Instead of burning the wood, we repurpose it, so you get a dense, warm grain that is highly resistant to warping and cracking. You also get a sophisticated and solid desktop. With high hopes we can save a rubber tree plant from being wasted.
  • Recycled wood: 100% recycled and reclaimed wood + %100 dedication to building an environmentally conscious desktop = a standing desk that gets noticed for all the right reasons. Instead of heading to a landfill, we resource the wood from forestry operations, orchard pruning, sawmills and construction sites. We are saving tress and breathing new life into wood that would otherwise be forgotten.

Recycling these materials or using highly sustainable bamboo doesn’t mean that you lose out on quality. We use the highest grade bamboo and all of our recycled and repurposed materials meet our highest standards. Helping out the environment shouldn’t result in you getting a lesser product, if anything you should be rewarded for your thoughtful choices. Breathe new life into your standing desk. Eco-friendly materials make for a bold and brilliant desk. Craft your own standing desk and see which eco-friendly materials call to you.  And if you already have the Evodesk frame, you can order the new bamboo or rubberwood desktop separately and easily attach it to the frame.

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