The Darker Side to Sitting

Every day you sit, but while you are typing, there could be something creeping up behind you. Heart disease? Diabetes? Obesity? People are sitting now more than ever and it shows. Researchers have coined the term “sitting disease” to connect all of the health issues that come from sitting too long. It’s no surprise that sitting isn’t the healthiest choice, but you may not have known just how unhealthy it is. Here is a sitting disease infographic from Medical Billing and Coding that details the risks of a sedentary lifestyle.


Thank you Medical Billing and Coding for the very informative (and a little spooky) sitting disease infographic. The macabre images definitely got our attention. To do our part in the war against sitting, at Evodesk we offer standing desks to get you out of the chair and out of those spooky monsters’ clutches. Standing at work or standing while gaming is a healthier alternative that still keeps you by your computer. See what your gaming set up or office could look like with a stunning standing desk. Monsters not included.

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