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Office Plants For The Win

When you head into your office in the morning, the deck may be stacked against you. Florescent lights. No windows. No joy. One way to get some of that life back into your office is with a desk plant. This can even work in a home office if you are a blogger, Twitch streamer, or any of the other work-from-home professions that could use a happiness boost.

Do plants really make a difference?

More Productive

In a study from Dr. Chris Knight and others, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, he set out to see how much of a difference plants can have in the office. To start, he went to minimalist offices that didn’t really have pictures or desk decorations. Once he added plants to the office, he found that the employees became 15% more productive. When everyone could see a plant from their desk, he explained that if, “there’s something to get you psychologically engaged you are happier and you work better.”


Cleaner Air

B.C. Wolverton, in an article from NASA, found that growing house plants inside can help to eliminate VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the air. VOCs are bad news, which is why we keep them out of our standing desk process. All of the Evodesk standing desks are finished in the U.S. without toxic chemicals so pairing that clean air with a desk plant can help you get even better air.

Less Stress

In a UTS research study, they found that office plants make a huge difference when it comes to stress. In three months, they noted that employees with plants at their desks were 30-60% less stressed and had reduced negative feelings. On the opposite side of the coin, people without plants had a 20-40% increase in stress and negativity. Here are the surprising stats:

  • 37% less anxiety
  • 58% less depression
  • 44% less anger
  • 38% less fatigue

All in all, plants seem to be making a big difference in the workplace. And if you put one of those plants on your Evodesk standing desk, watch out because you are in for even more perks. Studies have shown that standing desks can have an increase on productivity, focus, creativity and even your mood. So imagine the possibilities of combining an office plant with an Evodesk standing desk. Can you even handle how awesome you would be?




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