Standing desk dance music v2

Top Standing Desk Dance Songs V2

Now That’s What I Call Music Volume 72 better step over because we are rocking out to That’s What I Call Standing Desk Music V2! Our first post last #FlexFriday was so popular that we had to release our second album. Get ready standing desk dancers (stancers) for another office dance party!

In a previous post, I talked about how often I find myself dancing at my standing desk. If I hear the right song, my fingers will start typing with an intense rhythm, my head will bob in time, and the writing will just flow. Writing for hours can be tough, especially if you are stuck in a chair at a desk that doesn’t let you get up and dance. So while I’m working, I put on music to keep my creative mood and mindset right where I need it. After enjoying our first blog post “Top Standing Desk Dance Songs V1” we had to make another. Now press the height-adjustable button on your Evodesk standing desk, go up to standing level, and put on your…

K.C. and the Sunshine Band- Boogie Shoes

Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk

Janet Jackson- All For You

Wham!- Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Taylor Swift- Shake It Off

Flo Rida featuring T-Pain- Low

LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock- Party Rock Anthem (skip to 1:30)

Queen- Don’t Stop Me Now

Cyndi Lauper- Girls Just Want To Have Fun

MC Hammer- U Can’t Touch This

Ricky Martin- Livin’ La Vida Loca

Dancing is a fun way to burn extra calories at your standing desk. And when you are dancing to Wham! it feels as far away from a workout as possible. Keep moving, and if you follow Cornell’s 20-8-2 rule of how long to spend sitting, standing and moving at your standing desk, you’ll be golden. Check out which Evodesk standing desk, would look best on the dance floor aka your office.

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