Evodesk how to get your drive back

Tips To Get Your Drive Back

We all have those days: When you stare at your screen and get more yawning done than work. Those days are killers. If you need to get pumped, if you need to jump start your energy, focus, and creativity here are some tips to get your mind back in the zone and your fingertips back to typing.

How To Get Back In The Zone

Beat the slump and get back on track with these tips to improve your focus and enhance your drive.


Take A Walk

Take a walk

I just took a walk in the gorgeous 74 degree weather of Austin and I feel rejuvenated. Getting some sun, a cool breeze and some fresh smells has really helped to reset my brain and come back to my desk with a fresh outlook and perspective.


Stand Up At A Standing Desk

Evodesk sit stand gaming desk

Shocking I know, but of course this is our top tip. A standing desk like the Evodesk is a huge factor in improving focus. In one study, several people who tested a standing desk noticed that they were able to focus better. By having the mindset of “I can sit down once I finish this,” they were able to have a higher level of concentration and to kick the urge to multitask.


Listen To Pump-You-Up Music

When it comes to me,¬†faster the tempo the faster I type. Or if it is a song that I am especially feeling, it’ll get my head booping and my fingers flying. If I’m standing and typing and my jam comes on (I’m looking at you Bruno Mars) good luck because my blog post may be done before I hit replay. And if you need some dancing music to get your jump start your mood, check out this blog post about top dancing songs to rock out to at your standing desk.


Take A “Me Break”

giphy (1)

If you have been hitting your head against the wall trying to come up with a great idea and all you’re getting is a headache, take a mental break. Walk away from your desk, distract yourself with an activity, and basically think about anything that is not the problem you are trying to solve. On some of the teams I’ve worked on, we have taken breaks to play laser tag, glow-in-the-dark golf, or went to catch a movie (I know my life has been amazing). And honestly, when I’ve been having fun and not stressing over it, that has birthed some of my greatest ideas.


Eat A Snack

Why snacks are important

No one wants to deal with someone at work who is hangry. Fuel your body, get the right nutrients, and put your brain in top thinking shape. Plus, if you eat the right brain food at a standing desk your body will be pumping all that goodness with a faster heart rate and an improved metabolism to get your feeling better.

Social Time

Best Friend Social Time

When your day is tough it might be time to call in for backup. If you work with your best friend, then awesome and you are super lucky. Ask for a hangout break and gets some laughs and conversation to put you in a better mindset. If you don’t work with them, give them a call or even some hilarious texting might suffice.


We hope you enjoyed our top tips to get your focus back. If you can think of any more, please leave them in the comments. And if you want to take a “me break” to look at the Evodesk standing desks, that sounds like a great idea to me. Because when it comes to hitting a slump at work…

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