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Evodesk’s Home: Austin SXSW

“South by Southwest” or SXSW is the yearly event in Austin that combines all things awesome: music, indie films, new technology, and basically all things creative. The event draws in celebrities and fans from all over the world to discover and sample “what’s new.” The event is a mecca for creatives and leaders who are pushing outside of the norm, which is just one of the reasons Austin is our pride and home. So without further adieu, here are some highlights from SXSW happening right in our backyard.

Since this is the 30th anniversary, it’s going to be extra special. Here are just a handful of the awesome things that are at SXSW this year.

For films there are tons of premieres that are happening. From the “spirited sequel” to Dazed and Confused (Everybody Wants Some) to intense documentaries like Beware the Slenderman, there is a movie screening for everyone. Honestly the inner child in me can’t wait for Pee-wee’s Big Holiday while the sci-fi lover in me wants to watch Midnight Special all about a father trying to protect his son who has powers. But the winner might be the Master Pancake Saint Patrick’s Day special.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, Master Pancake is when they screen a movie and people with microphones make comments that are hysterical the entire time. Think of it like a live Mystery Science Theater 3000 that you are invited it. This year they are roasting Leprechaun 4 which I believe takes place in space. Yes, this is just a sample of the wonderful originality that comes out of SXSW.

For music, there are honestly too many venues, performances, and shows to list. Even if you were to get all of the concerts, there are so many surprise shows and live bar performances that you could spend the entire trip just focused on music and you would hardly scratch the surface. Here is a tiny idea of the music scene to help you choose.

And last but not least, there is a slew of tech innovations that push the limits every year. For example Hishori Ishiguro brought his team of androids and geminoids (a completely new term to me) including one that was his double. This android looked just like him and even had conversations with audience members.

One of the reasons Evodesk is so proud to be close to Austin is that it has become synonymous with innovation. SXSW gets an audience from all over the world to talk tech and the future. As a standing desk company, tasked with bringing a more beneficial product that could help boost your productivity and your health, we think that Austin is just the right neighborhood. And as innovators ourselves, our trademarked EvoGuard standing desk coating is a proprietary process that we cooked up for exceptional protection, mouse precision, and environmental acknowledgement. And as more people folk to the new Silicon Valley (a.k.a. Silicon Hills), our standing desk tech, materials, and designs will only get better. So cheers to Austin for “keeping it weird” and tech wonderful.

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