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How To Not Hate Your Desk Job

The New York Times found that 80% of the jobs we have to choose from take place in an office… at a desk. The job may or may not take place under florescent lights. Since so many of us are desk bound, its no wonder that a large majority of people don’t like their job. The Daily News explains that 70% of workers don’t like their work, so how do we turn this around? Here are some tips on how to not hate your job.

Make Work Friends: Many people spend more time socializing during work hours than at any other time. You spend eight hours a day with these people- 40 hours a week. That may be more time than you spend with your familia, so it’s important to enjoy at least some of them. Having a work buddy to get you back in a positive mindset, have lunch with, and even talk about your favorite terrible TV show with, is so important to your work and overall happiness. If you don’t like or connect with anyone you work with….



Get A Standing Desk: In the New York Times article, they also found that the rise in sedentary jobs resulted in a decline of about 120-140 calories a day from physical activity. Now who wouldn’t be grumpy if they were losing less weight and feeling sluggish? That’s when the Evodesk standing desk comes in…


…in all of its awesome glory. Even if you work from home as a blogger, studies have shown that alternating between sitting and standing at a standing desk can improve your productivity, creativity and mood. You even burn more calories.


Look Good. Feel Good: You’ve heard of the saying, “Dress for the job you want.” So do it. Dress the part of a higher-up employee and you’d be surprised who notices.

look good in the office

That doesn’t just end at your outfit. Make sure your workspace is neat and efficient too. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a funny meme as your background image, but if your desk is covered with food and messy papers, people will associate you with being unorganized and uncaring. And you know what looks really good? An Evodesk standing desk. Plus, it shows that you care about your health and performance and that you are at the forefront of innovation. (See what we did there?)


Find A Way To Add In What You Love: This may sound easier said than done, but once again, you’d be surprised if you ask. In my case, I love my job (waves to boss) but I also love pinterest.

finding nemo pinning

So I asked if I could make an Evodesk pinterest page and ta-dah! Now when I am done with blog posts and writing, I can pin my work and look for other fun ways to help out the Evodesk customers. Are they bloggers, entrepreneurs, gamers, health nuts? I make a board for each of them and feel great knowing that I am adding fun to their day as well as mine.

Take 5: When you feel like you are dragging or you need to get a fresh perspective, take a walk. Get away from your space and do a lap around the building or grab a friend to get some coffee. Maybe even change your meeting to a walking meeting for some fun new ideas. If you had a standing desk, like the Evodesk standing desk (cough cough), you could take a break just be pressing a button. Stand up, do some stretches, and maybe even do a little dance (I know I have).

office dancing at work

There are plenty of ways to not hate your job. Once you find what works, stick with it and remember just because it’s work, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

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