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Team Work? Stand Up.

Who likes team work? If you were ever in a group assignment in high school, you know the drill. The smart one does the brunt of the work, the artsy one colors the poster, the useless one encourages the leader, and the person with the best handwriting scribbles it all down. But now a days you are an adult with meetings, and group projects are completely different. You are expected to really work together to brainstorm but it can be difficult. What if it was easier to do, and easier than you’d think?

The power to heighten your group work is not as unattainable as you might believe. Introducing…. standing!

In a study, Markus Baer and Andrew Knight of the Olin Business School at Washington University set out to see if there was a connection between standing and getting a team “fired up.”

The challenge was to work for a half hour on a university recruitment video. Some teams had to stand and others had chairs.

To measure the results, they rated the quality of the videos, how territorial the team members were, and their “physiological arousal.” Now calm down, that means they measured how excited the team members got while brainstorming.

When the test was done, the study found that the standing groups had more excitement, were less territorial about their ides, and had higher-quality videos. When a group was less territorial, they were able to share ideas more freely and work off of each other. So all-in-all, it seemed that the standing groups had better teamwork and as a result, a better end product.

So the next time you have a meeting or a group project, go to a standing desk or take a walk to brainstorm on your feet. Collaborating around an Evodesk standing desk is just one way to inspire yourself. And with how the Evodesk standing desk is, it is easy to be inspired by its beauty too.

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