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The Evodesk Energy Boost

Sure there are energy drinks out there, but what about a way to boost your energy that won’t result in a sugar high and crash later?  One study, published by the CDC tried to find out if having a sit-stand option at work could be beneficial. Well, after just four weeks the stats are pretty impressive.

Having the sit-stand device around encouraged people to sit 66 minutes less a day. That may not seem like a lot, (a little more than a TV show) but it produced a lot of benefits, including 87% of the participants feeling energized. Just by standing more at work, people reported less fatigue. Plus getting on your feet is a much healthier option than chugging pixie sticks.

One of the ways that a standing desk can help increase energy is by improving circulation. Standing let’s your blood flow without pressure/blockage, and in the study when people stood they burned as much as 50 extra calories an hour. Simply by standing at a standing desk, it’s possible to burn more calories, and give yourself an extra boost. So when you are starting to drag, and your body needs more energy, take a stand (literally). Leave the sugars out of your body and get a natural boost in energy.

See the full article here and pick your energy-boosting Evodesk standing desk here.

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