Evodesk how to not hate your desk job

How To Not Hate Your Desk Job

The New York Times found that 80% of the jobs we have to choose from take place in an office… at a desk. The job may or may not take place under florescent lights. Since so many of us are desk bound, its no wonder that a large majority of people don’t like their job. The Daily News explains that 70% of workers don’t like their work, so how do we turn this around? Here are some tips on how to not hate your job.

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evodesk gaming desk

Teens Gaming More Than Ever Before

What was it like when you were eight? Once you got home from school did you do your homework, did you immediately turn on the TV? The computer? Your Game Boy? I had a street crew (aka laser tag enthusiast neighbors), and we would play outside until the streetlights went on. But I guess I was old-school. Based on this study that highlights how teens spend their time, see why a gaming desk is becoming a necessity.

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BuzzFeed standing desk

BuzzFeed Backs Standing Desks

BuzzFeed has been known to be a slippery slope when it comes to workplace productivity. This is the place where humor, wit, and adorable pop culture references roam free, so when they posted an article about how to be more efficient at work, it seemed like a trap. I’m not falling for this one BuzzFeed! Oh wait… there are gifs!

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Evodesk standing desk group work

Team Work? Stand Up.

Who likes team work? If you were ever in a group assignment in high school, you know the drill. The smart one does the brunt of the work, the artsy one colors the poster, the useless one encourages the leader, and the person with the best handwriting scribbles it all down. But now a days you are an adult with meetings, and group projects are completely different. You are expected to really work together to brainstorm but it can be difficult. What if it was easier to do, and easier than you’d think? Read More ›

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Evodesk energy boost

The Evodesk Energy Boost

Sure there are energy drinks out there, but what about a way to boost your energy that won’t result in a sugar high and crash later?  One study, published by the CDC tried to find out if having a sit-stand option at work could be beneficial. Well, after just four weeks the stats are pretty impressive.

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Evodesk winter health tips

How to Stay Healthier This Winter

Okay, we are surrounded by coughers, sneezers, moaners. If I didn’t know better, I would think I was an extra on The Walking Dead. But I know it’s worse than that: I am trapped in cold and flu season… with other people. To fight off the walkers (and germ spreaders) here are some tips to keep you healthier this season.

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Student standing desks

Student Standing Desks For the Win

How many times were you bored in school, or worse, sleepy and you were confined to your chair? If only you could get up and stretch your legs even for a moment to wake up again. Maybe that was why you jumped at the chance to take someone to the principal’s office or had to get up to blow your nose 17 times when you didn’t even have a sniffle. Luckily, students today don’t have to be stuck like we were. With a student standing desk, kids can get up without being a distraction.

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Stretches for sitters

Stretches For Sitters

Everybody’s body is important, and just like it is important to exercise, stand more, and eat right, it’s also important to stretch. If a certain songstress was here she would add, “Don’t stop. Make it pop.” That’s why Cosmopolitan crafted the blog post titled, “Stretches You Need to Do if You Sit at a Desk All Day.” So get out your yoga mat because, it’s goen down. I’m getten’ limber! You better move, I gotta stretch.

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