Squeeze in workouts with a standing desk

No Time To Workout? Standing Desk!

#FlexFriday is in full swing and if you don’t have time to workout, there are still ways to join in on the fitness festivities. When you have zero free time, switching to a standing desk is one way to squeeze fitness back into your life. How much of a difference can a standing desk make? I’m glad you asked.

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Standing desk dance music v2

Top Standing Desk Dance Songs V2

Now That’s What I Call Music Volume 72 better step over because we are rocking out to That’s What I Call Standing Desk Music V2! Our first post last #FlexFriday was so popular that we had to release our second album. Get ready standing desk dancers (stancers) for another office dance party!

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Evodesk how to get your drive back

Tips To Get Your Drive Back

We all have those days: When you stare at your screen and get more yawning done than work. Those days are killers. If you need to get pumped, if you need to jump start your energy, focus, and creativity here are some tips to get your mind back in the zone and your fingertips back to typing.

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standing desk dance playlist

Top Standing Desk Dance Songs V1

We all know that I love my Evodesk standing desk because it lets me type all of my blog posts while alternating between sitting and standing for maximum health benefits all while increasing my productivity, mood, and energy. And also because it lets me dance at work. For all of my fellow standing-desk dancers (who I lovingly call stancers), bloggers, gamers and all around typing toe-tappers, here are my favorite songs to listen to while blogging at my standing desk.

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Gaming PC event

Gaming PCs Are Booming

With all of the great games that have been released recently it’s no wonder that while PC sales in general have gone down, gaming PC sales have gone way up. Lots of people are buying top-of-the-line gaming PCs to enhance their gaming experience, so gaming desks can’t be far behind.

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Evodesk treadmill desk

Rock #FitnessFriday with a Treadmill Desk

On Friday, we at Evodesk wanted to jump on the #FlexFriday and #FitnessFriday bandwagon and start posting health and fitness tips or tricks. It could be wicked fun! And motivational. And awesome sauce. So let’s start with the treadmill desk because it’s a smart way to work in a workout without carving out time that you don’t have.

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VR and a standing gaming desk

A Gaming Desk Brings VR To Life

Pssst! Today is a big day for gamers who are excited for the virtual reality gaming revolution. The Oculus Rift is available for pre-order today and the HTC Vive is available for pre-order soon at the end of February! With virtual reality on the rise, it seems less likely to imagine yourself gaming slouched in a chair: Enter the Evdodesk gaming desk.

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Evodesk how to not hate your desk job

How To Not Hate Your Desk Job

The New York Times found that 80% of the jobs we have to choose from take place in an office… at a desk. The job may or may not take place under florescent lights. Since so many of us are desk bound, its no wonder that a large majority of people don’t like their job. The Daily News explains that 70% of workers don’t like their work, so how do we turn this around? Here are some tips on how to not hate your job.

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